12V12 Volt System
1-BBL1 Barrel Carburetor
1VSingle Groove V-Belt Pulley
24V24 Volt System
2-BBL2 Barrel Carburetor
2VDouble Groove V-Belt Pulley
2WD2 Wheel Drive
3S3 Groove Serpentine Pulley
3-SPD3-Speed Transmission
3-SPD AT3-Speed Automatic Transmission
3-SPD MT3-Speed Manual (Standard) Transmission
4-BBL4 Barrel Carburetor
4S4 Groove Serpentine Pulley
4-SPD4-Speed Transmission
4-SPD AT4-Speed Automatic Transmission
4-SPD MT4-Speed Manual (Standard) Transmission
4WD4 Wheel Drive
5S5 Groove Serpentine Pulley
5-SPD5-Speed Transmission
5-SPD AT5-Speed Automatic Transmission
5-SPD MT5-Speed Manual (Standard) Transmission
6S6 Groove Serpentine Pulley
6-SPD6-Speed Transmission
6-SPD AT6-Speed Automatic Transmission
6V6 Volt System
7S7 Groove Serpentine Pulley
8S8 Groove Serpentine Pulley
ACAir Conditioning or Alternating Current (as opposed to DC)
A.I.R.Air Injector Reactor
ATAutomatic Transmission
AWDAll Wheel Drive
B+ POSTBattery Positive Post - B+ Post (Bolt) for Cable Attachment.
B+ TABBattery Positive Tab - B+ Tab with Threaded Hole for Cable Attachment
B+ TERMINALBattery Positive Terminal - B+ Terminal Used for Cable Attachment
BOBosch (German OE Manufacturer)
BUButec (British OE Manufacturer)
CACajavec (European OE Manufacturer)
CARBCarburetor - Vehicle Equipped w/Carburetor (Instead of Fuel Injected)
CASTING #Casting Number
CCCubic Centimeter - As in Engine Displacement
CDCompact Disc
CHChrysler (American OE Manufacturer)
CHASSIS #Chassis Number of Vehicle. Important for Correct Application
CICubic Inch - As in Engine Displacement
DDDirect Drive Starter - Refers to a Starter Design
DOHCDual Overhead Cam Engine
DRDelco Remy (American OE Manufacturer)
DUDucellier (French OE Manufacturer)
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
EFExternal Fan
EFIElectronic Fuel Injection
ERExternal Regulator
ETRElectronic Tuned Receiver
EXT REGExternal Regulator - Regulator Mounted Elsewhere on Vehicle
FDFord (American OE Manufacturer)
FIFuel Injection
FWDFront Wheel Drive
GMGeneral Motors
HBWHeated Back Window - Rear Window Defroster
HDHeavy Duty - More Powerful Unit than Standard. Not Necessarily Interchangeable w/Std.
HIHitachi (Japanese OE Manufacturer)
HOHigh Output - Pertains to Alternator, Starter or Engine Design
HSGHousing or Casting
HTHigh Torque - Higher Horsepower Starter
ICRegulator May Be External, but Works as if it were Internal
IFInternal Fan. Cooling Fan is Inside Alternator Casing
IRInternal Regulator - Regulator Part of the Alternator
ISIskra (European OE Manufacturer)
LNLeece Neville (American OE Manufacturer)
LRCLoad Response Control
LTLow Torque - Lower Torque Starter Than High Torque
LULucas (British OE Manufacturer)
MFDManufactured - Usually Refers to Country of Origin of Manufacturer
MFIMulti-Port Fuel Injection
MIMitsubishi (Japanese OE Manufacturer)
MMMillimeter or Magneti Marelli (Italian OE Manufacturer)
MOMotorola (American and European OE Manufacturer)
MTMitsuba (Japanese OE Manufacturer)
MTManual (Standard) Transmission
MTGMounting or Mount - Pertains to Mounting Configuration
N/ANot Available or Not Applicable
NDNippondenso (Japanese OE Manufacturer)
NDENSONippondenso (Japanese OE Manufacturer)
OE #Original Equipment Manufacturer Number - Usually on the Casting or Housing of the Unit
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer - The Original Producer of Unit
OHCOverhead Cam - Pertains to Engine Configuration
OHVOverhead Valve - Pertains to Engine Configuration
OPTOptional - Higher Amp or Higher Horsepower Unit than the Standard
OPT HDOptional Heavy Duty- Higher Amp or Higher Horsepower Unit than the Standard
OSGROffset Gear Reduction - Refers to a Starter Design
P TERMINAL“P” Terminal - Special Terminal on Rear of Alternator for Harness Plug-In
PKGPackage - Usually Refers to a Vehicle Option Package
PMDDPermanent Magnet Direct Drive - Refers to a Starter Design
PMGRPermanent Magnet Gear Reduction - Refers to a Starter Design
PMOGRPermanent Magnet Offset Gear Reduction - Refers to a Starter Design
POPoong Sung
PRParis Rhone (French OE Manufacturer)
PRODProduction - Usually Refers to Length of Production Runs of Units
PSPower Steering or Prestolite (Domestic OE Manufacturer) Also Known as Autolite
R TERMINAL“R” terminal - Usually a Small Stud on Rear of Alternator for Accessories
REAR ACRear or Auxiliary Air Conditioning
REGRegulator - Refers to Voltage Regulator
RWDRear Wheel Drive
SSerpentine Pulley - Pulley Grooves Followed by “S” is Serpentine Pulley
S TERMINAL“S” Terminal - Terminal on the Solenoid Used for Ignition Switch Wire Attachement
SCSerpentine Clutch-Style Pulley - Pulley Grooves Followed by “SC” is Serpentine Clutch Pulley
SOHCSingle Overhead Cam Engine
STDStandard - The Base Unit or Normally Equipped Version
SVSEV (French OE Manufacturer)
T PLUG“T” Shaped Harness Plug - Plug on Rear of Alternator is Shaped Like “T”
TBIThrottle Body Injection
TERM.Terminal - Refers to a Specific Harness Connection on Unit
V PULLEY“V” Groove Pulley - Standard Single Pulley
VINVehicle Identification Number
W TERMINALSpecial Alternator Terminal (Usually Labeled “W”) on Rear of Unit

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